Color Correcting

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Highly requested post that I decided to do while I have some free time :)

What is color correction and why is it so important when applying your makeup?
Color correction is a technique many artist have been doing for years to camouflage uneven skin and pigmentation on he skin. It can look scary when you first start color correcting but when blended the right way you will instantly see a huge difference in your makeup application.

There's many products out there from primers to concealers that help color correct. I personally don't like color correcting primers because I prefer to color correct certain parts of the face only. I use a clear primer usually and then start to color correct before I apply foundation.

Now to know the basics of color correcting it is important that you study color theory - when I did it changed my whole makeup application! I will get into more detail about certain skin tones and pigmentation so you have a better understanding.

The color wheel is so important. You will eventually know this by heart once you study it.

Lets start off with dark circles, so many of us have this problem including myself. we automatically think we need to apply a lighter concealer under our dark circles because it will "brighten" the area, this is not what it will do, you will end up look very chalky/grey under the eyes and your dark circles will look more prominent.

If you look closely at dark circles they are very blue-violet based and applying a pink undertone concealer (which is usually what most people go for because it is light) it will look ashy. What you need to do is look at the opposite of blue - it's orange.

I use an orange concealer under the eyes and on the lid (this will look strange to you at first) I'm very generous with product use so I use quite a bit, you will see a better result. I blend the orange that's around the eyes and then I apply the foundation. when you blend your foundation you will see a huge difference! I then apply a light  yellow-orange concealer and there are no signs of dark circles.

You can use the same orange corrector around the mouth/chin if you have uneven pigmentation there.

If you suffer from a lot of redness around your nose, cheeks, chin etc. then you will use a green concealer (pale/minty green) they do have green primers but as I said before I prefer to spot treat the redness with a little brush around the nose and cheeks - green cancels out red.

If you have very fair skin and you have pinky/violet veins around your eyes you will need to use a salmon colored concealer to correct. Once you have applied your concealer set your under eyes with LOOSE POWDERS. I noticed how oxidising banana colored pressed powders looked in person and they crease quicker than a loose powder would. I suggest setting with a loose powder that's only one shade lighter than your skin if you want the under eye highlight look.

This was a quick post on color correction and i Hope it helps if you didn't know already. If you try color correction be sure to tag us #soniaxfyza on Instagram.

Fyza Ali  x
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