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Hi, ALL! I wanted to write a blog post on this topic for a while but before I did I had to have tried most of these foundations long enough to give my honest opinion. It's been hectic with wedding season recently, as well as trials. Trials have given me the chance to try these foundations out, I ask them to keep me updated throughout the day with how their base is looking, whether it has oxidised, flaked, separated, etc.

A few things to know about foundation before reading my reviews.
If you are Middle Eastern or South Asian you will probably always need to mix your foundations, sucks I know but that's the only way you will get the result you're after. We tend to have a different undertone that's uneven. for example my client would have perfect even skin but it will be different from her chest and when she is photographed it looks odd.

Some foundations match perfectly as soon as they are applied but two to three hours later you will notice it will go grey or orange (oxidising) I think this is what the women at the counters get wrong because so many females complain that they get matched wrong, it may not be their fault it's usually the lighting of the store or by the time you get home it has oxidised and your NC30 no longer matches your skin.

When i'm applying foundation I go down the neck and on to the chest to make everything appear even. I use 2 shades, one for the face and one for the neck/chest. It looks really odd at first but my clients notice how after 15/20 minutes it looks the same colour. Have you noticed how your chest either looks more yellow toned or pink toned compared to your face?  that's why we use the two shades. One could be warm and one cool, it is basic colour theory.

If you find a foundation and one is too dark and one is too light opt for the lighter one because it will most likely darken after a while (plus with contour and bronzing it works out better). I have used the exact match on trials because that's what my client asked for and I would get a message 5 hours later saying her base was too dark, but I did what was asked. Now I try to explain to my clients as much as possible about colour theory so while they are looking in the mirror they don't get frightened.

To my current fave foundations that look great in photos and real life!

Atelier Waterproof foundation

I'm very happy to have come across this brand! This foundation has changed the look of my work completely! It gives the perfect sheen, almost like a filter. It's sweat and waterproof so all you crying brides this is the ONE! It is oil free and has hydrating agents to keep the skin looking refreshed and glowy. I really like the range of colours this foundation has, the tones are great for Middle Eastern skin tones. Scent free.

By Terry Densiliss foundation

I first tried this brand in the Middle East, They were one of my main sponsors for my workshop. I was amazed by everything especially THIS foundation. I talked to the lovely girls that worked for the brand and they gave me an insight on By Terry, they told me to try this foundation on my models and I thought why not, I love trying new foundations. I liked the slight scent, the colours were great, I mainly use shade 7.5 on olive skin tones. It was full coverage but at the same time light looking, if you know what I mean? It didn't have that cakey look I could tell it was skin. I came to discover that it had this lovely finish because it contains a serum...wrinkle serum! So that's why the skin looked so plump and glowy! It has a matte finish and it great to create an even skin tone.

Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless foundation

Whether you're looking for a everyday foundation or something for the evening this is an all rounder. I noticed how it worked well on a lot of skin tones, it gives a instant brightening look. I like blending this with my fingers because the warmth of your hands really works the product into the skin, you can layer this if you want it for an evening event and it will still look like skin. Works well with liquid highlighters and cream blushers. This foundation also has hydrating benefits.

Dior skin Nude foundation

I am in love with this one! Every time someone asks me "I want a foundation that evens my skin tone but I want it to look and feel light weight" this is the first product that pops up into my head. I love how this photographs, it gives the most stunning glow, yes glow not the sweaty look, haha. It has build-able coverage but i always suggest to conceal first then apply this you get a great result.You can use a face powder after this and that gorgeous glow will still be shining through. The only thing I have noticed about this that it dries darker! If you think you're a 030 go for the 020 shade instead.

Those are my most used foundations, when you mix your own I suggest you use one high end and mix with a drugstore foundation. Usually I go for brands like L'oreal, Revlon and Maybeline :)

I hope this post was beneficial to you.

Fyza Ali xoxo
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