Under Eye Concealing - What You're Doing Wrong

Mastering under eye conceacler has been a challenge through out the years. For myself and clients. It took me five years to finally get what I was doing wrong. If you suffer from dark circles or have trouble creating flawless under eyes then you are in for a treat with this blog post.

Middle Eastern skin tones are more difficult to match when it comes to concealer and foundation because it tends to oxidise. This is where the colour correcting method comes in (click here for more details on colour correcting if you're confused.)

The problem with creasing under the eyes is due to product layering. I discovered this once when i randomly decided to do my base but skipped adding foundation to my under eye area. All I used was an orange corrector, added foundation to my face but avoided the eye area. This gave the corrector time to dry*

*It's important to let you corrector dry as it avoids spreading orange to the rest of your face and stops it from oxidising during the day.

Once you are done with your base start applying a concealer under your eyes, making sure you warm the concealer with your fingers THEN press gently with your ring finger- doing so helps melt the product in and lowers the chance of creasing. A great option for under eye concealer is THIS concealer (available to order in the Middle East w/ cash on delivery option, app available to download in the Middle East only.)

After adding this concealer spray a fixing spray on the under eye area, go in to blend again with fingers (this is very good for those to have dry under eyes that look cakey) Using your damp beauty blender dip it into a loose powder (great for creasing under eyes powder here

AVOID baking if you have trouble with cakey under  eyes, the corrector and warming concealer method will help you with coverage and moisture, leaving powder for long will defeat the purpose of this.

Dust of powder with a small fluffy brush, something like MAC 224 (Available here to purchase from MAC site, cash on delivery option - UAE)

On top spray your fixing spray to the powdered area only. This is what helps avoid the creases, cakeyness, oxidising, eye bags showing, tired looking eyes. It adds moisture, keeps concealer on all day and you will look refreshed through out your day.

Be sure to try this technique, I can assure you it works like magic! Don't be disheartened if you can't grasp this the first time. It takes a while to perfect, patience is key.

Love, F xo
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  1. Another must-see post! I love your blog and find every tip you give so so helpful! Keep up GREAT the snapping and blogging! You put other makeup bloggers to shame!

  2. This post was helpful and straight to the point. I will definitely try out this technique, just need to buy some orange concealer and a MAC 224. LOL.

  3. Wow I've never thought to try this kind of technique for my concealer before! Definitely need to try next time I'm getting ready.
    Even when I use a damp sponge for setting my concealer I still end up with very dry under eyes. What would you recommend as a good eye cream?

    Louise | Non-Fiction Beauty x

  4. Thank You for this! Would you suggest a cream or liquid corrector and based on that what texture concealer?

  5. Well i think you are talking about me hahaha because eye concealer has been a challenge for me for many years and i am not perfect yet thanks for sharing this post its really good..

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