Hi everyone! Hope you're all well. Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of social media interaction from Fyza and I both. It wasn't on purpose we can assure you.

As beauty influencers/bloggers we are always involved with brands and get to try their products pre release which is great because we can tell you what we think. We have always been very honest regardless of if we buy a product or get it for free.

A few months back we were given Dior color correctors, the new range included 4 colors- Orange, Green, Purple & Yellow.
We spoke about them on snapchat and Fyza even used them a couple of times during tutorials.

After Fyza tried it she told me to try my corrector too, she was raving about the formula. So I tried the orange corrector under my foundation. A few hours later Fyza started saying how her eyes feel very itchy and she had no idea why. Later that day I told her mine feel weird too but we thought we had eaten something that we reacted to.

That wasn't the case... days go by and Fyza even snaps how her whole face swelled up from something. Fyza then said "sonia something is not right, have we used something new in our makeup routine?" that's when she thought about the corrector.

I told her no way, It can't be! She then said she will no longer use it and told me to stop.
I stopped using it from then. When i met with the Dior team i had told them about this and they assured me it can't be it and went on to say i should test it out alone. I went and used it again.

This time when I used the corrector I didn't only use it under my eyes but also blended it onto my eyelid area for the pigmentation to be covered. I really wish i hadn't! My eyes reacted SO badly I had to cancel all events, and missed out on many work opportunities. It came to a point where in the mornings my eyes were too swollen to open. They itched very bad my lashes fell out from rubbing. This is when i stopped wearing my contact lenses to see, my glasses would make my eyes worse, i was given allergy medication because eye drops weren't working.

I had to take photos of my eyes to send to the company just to ask for the ingredients in the product because I no longer had the outer packaging. My sister spoke to them directly and told them about the whole thing. We were both just told to take an allergy test on them when "we are next in London"
We never went to social media straight away as we wanted to tell them about our reaction so something could be done but nothing has.

This experience has traumatised me, my lashes are slowly growing back but being a beauty blogger that's obsessed with eye makeup, not having lashes makes me feel my worst. I'm just grateful at this point that I can see. This just goes to show bloggers and influencers don't always have it easy, anything like this could happen. I can't use any of my old eye products or even get lash extensions again because whatever it was has triggered my eyes to swell every time I use a lash serum or extensions. Eyelids became dry, flaky, skin was peeling off my lids by it self, I was shedding like a snake!

PHOTOS ATTACHED BELOW (these photos were taken 4 days after i could just about open my eyes)

Please be careful! Even now my eyes aren't the same and react to almost anything i use since. My lids are constantly dry and flakey.

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  2. I can't believe Dior told you it simply can't be their product when you went to them about the problem initially...My eyes get swollen when I use Duo lash glue and my lids aren't the same, my lips got a bad reaction from a lip product a few years ago it must have been my Dior lip glow! This is why I am coming out with my own non toxic makeup and skincare line to avoid having to use shady products like these when you can't trust the ingredients list. Hope you're eye gets better soon! xoxo

  3. I have gottten swollen flaky eyes before as well and it is definitely the worst when everything you put in your lid to heal it burns... i tried a little coconut oil and it worked. Feels better :)

  4. were you able to get any compensation from dior?! thats ridiculous. hope you're feeling better!

  5. I had the same experience and Dior told me it might be that I'm allergic to the red undertone. I returned it and never bought Dior shadows again, that was 9 years ago.

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  8. I have gotten the exact same reaction to Clinique All About Eyes cream. I had exzema around my eyes for almost 6 months even after the swelling went away. Horrible.

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