Concealer's that will give you photoshop skin!

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If you have been following us for a while you'll know how much we are into skin. Anything that makes the skin glow and look flawless we want! The advice I have been giving to women over the years hasn't changed till this day and that is - Less is more. 

Saying "less is more" usually scares women. They think I mean they should wear less when in fact I mean make it look less, like 'no makeup, makeup'. we are creating an illusion. The trick is to use LESS foundation and more concealer.

The purpose of foundation is to even your skin, not mask it. That's where we are all going wrong, adding too much. This usually ends awfully. We get clogged pores, cakey skin, oxidise and it isn't easy on the eyes.

Concealer is what's your best friend, concealer is what is meant to hide your imperfections. Foundation + Concealer are your best friend when used correctly. 

These are the best picks for us at the moment!

1. Bare Minerals bare concealer is a must have. If you haven't tried this already what are you waiting for? this multi purpose concealer has a serum and is great for under eyes and the whole face, correcting discoloration leaving you with a smooth base.

2.  Rodial Airbrush concealer - the name just says it. This creamy formula is a dream to work with, best applied with fingers and blended with a damp sponge. This is best used on areas of the face where you want to conceal and correct.

3. Maybelline Fit Me concealer won't break the bank, this product is a must have. Don't let the affordable price fool you, it works better than some high end concealers (yes I said it!) smooth, easy to blend and has great coverage.

4. We think everyone loves Nars radiant creamy concealer the moment they tried it. The shade range is AMAZING. You can use this all over the face and blend out with a blender - GUARANTEED PHOTOSHOP FINISH!

No need for filters if you master how to get the perfect base ;)

Fyza xx

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