Winter Skin Prep and Foundation Recommendations

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Hey guys! So I've been experimenting with some products since the winter started. During the winter our skin needs a lot of moisture and hydration no matter what skin type you have. The products I am going to be writing about are products that have worked for people with different skin types.

So it's a lot colder and our skin needs that glow, winter drains us out and we can't have the same routine as the summer. First thing I always recommend to people is a good exfolitor! there's so many out there but I have always gone back to the same one - Angels on bare skin by Lush Cosmetics. It's natural, fresh, no chemicals and vegan! This product will have your skin feeling like a baby's bum! It's dry so you get a pea size amount and make it into a paste with some warm water and this will gently exfoliate your skin, removing the dead skin. Because this product is so gentle you can exfoliate a few times a week with it and it's for ALL skin types. It contains ground almonds, that are gently exfoliating, lavender oil hat is balancing and calming, Kaolin which is cleansing and absorbing and Rose Absolute - great for mature skin, tightens and tones.

If you suffer from extremely dry skin during the winter I would also recommend a cleansing balm by Lush - Ultra bland. It contains honey, rose water, Almond oil, fresh iris extract. All ingredients are great for Hydrating, Calming/Soothing. You can use this straight after exfoliating, leave it on for a few minutes and then remove with a damp cotton pad.

Prepping your skin before make-up is so important, it's what will keep your make-up flawless and fresh looking all day. From all the moisturisers I have used there's two that have won me over and a lot of people will agree with me.

The first one is Kiehls Ultra face moisturiser. This products is great for bad weather conditions, it really hydrates and softens skin. It's also a great base for make-up, so if you have quite normal/dry skin you can skip priming and use this alone because it will help your foundation to stick and melt into the skin without looking cakey. 

The best till last for moisturisers, I only got this product because of the constant hype, well kind of..I knew it had to be a genius product because it was created by one of the worlds best Make-Up Artists today. It's a products she made herself, she would use it on all the models backstage at the shows because their skin was looking drained from all the shows and make-up they had to keep taking off, so you can tell this product was made specifically for bringing life back in to drained out, dull looking skin. This product is Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream! the name is perfect for it because it really is MAGIC! It's basically sleep in a jar. It is a rich moisturiser that contains rose extract that will bring your skin back to life. it gives a beautiful glow, non greasy or sticky feeling (this has always been a struggle to find a non sticky, heavy feeling moisturiser) it works for every skin type and when you apply your make-up over it you will look plumped, hydrated, fresh, youthful. If you look at all the ingredients you will be amazed. A huge thumbs up from us! plus her packaging is to die for, it will look perfect on your dressing table.

Current faves - foundations

I have a mixture of face foundations for winter, first two picks are perfect for dry skin

Dior Skin nude, I love the coverage, texture and finish. It gives a lovely glow and doesn't feel heavy, photographs well too. It's still number one for my kit.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation - I love gel based foundations for dry skin! This has been one of my fave drugstore foundations for a while. I love everything from the coverage to the ingredients,
It glides on beautifully and covers imperfections. It also prevents flakiness and it doesn't hold on to dry patches on the face. I love the price tag on this too. 

If you have more oily/combination skin I think you will love these picks

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid, I used this for the first time while in the Middle East and was amazed, It has to be the best foundation by Laura Mercier. it reminded me of Mac's face and body at first because of the consistency but that's the only similarity. This foundation is buildiable, light weight, oil free and it looks like skin. I would use this with fingers or a beauty blender, you have to shake the bottle before using. It will feel as if you are not wearing anything, it doesn't settle into fine lines it actually makes them look blurred. I also have to add the color range is really good. Ask for a sample before purchasing foundation.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow - Love the cute packaging but love the product even more, it's a perfect everyday foundation, oil free and gives a radiant finish. I like the texture of this foundation too. It works really well if you suffer from oily skin and still haven't found that right foundation - it's shine free!

I have made clickable links for each product. I hope you all had a great Christmas and also we wish you a Happy New year, I hope this post helped :) these are just our own picks because we have tried and tested them xxx
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