About us

Middle East sisters in the UAE. Makeup artist and life style bloggers catering for women in the Middle East and around the world. Shared social media platforms.

Fyza specialize's In makeovers for Middle Eastern skin and Sonia is a beauty addict that also posts her reviews and life style posts on Instagram. Fyza is a makeup artists for the ruling family's of the Middle East.

First started the social media page around two years ago. Sonia and Fyza's aim was to reach out to women around the world and show that you don't need a lot of expensive makeup to be glam. They started by creating celebrity looks for less. months later it got a lot of attention and they got many requests to always recreate the latest celebrity looks.

Beauty and fashion are some of the things the Middle East is known for , we like to use our social media platform to show the world how Middle East beauty tips and tricks have been around for generations and how we incorporate them today.

Beauty is our passion and we feel it brings all women together, we all share a passion and that's to look and feel beautiful, the feeling is priceless!

We have no other social media pages except instagram.com/soniaxfyza
*We have never had any other social media except the ones we have stated any previous social media using our names, photographs/identities we are unaccountable for.
For any inquiries please contact soniaxfyza@gmail.com


Snapchat: soniafyza