The BLACKEST eye liners EVER!!

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There's nothing more annoying than your top liner fading during the day, or an eyeliner that turns light grey once it dries. No eye liner is perfect but our top 3 picks are close enough, We've tried and tested these long enough to say what we think about them including Pros and Cons. They all dry matte.

We have broken down around 10 eyeliners out there down to ONLY three - a high end, an affordable and one that is available in the Middle East so it's a win win for every one!

These are in no order! 

Benefit Cosmetics- They're Real - Push-up liner

So much to say about this product, It is a GEL, looks like a pen and has a screw on cap which is great because it won't fall off and end up at the bottom of your make-up bag. Love the grip, the fact that it's like a pen makes it so much easier to hold when applying. The end has a twist, you have to twist it to get the product out so you have fresh gel liner each time. In a pot you will notice gel liner dries up quick.

It has a rubber angled tip, it is a dream when creating your wing, glides on beautifully and you will find your self surprised when you get your liner perfect after using this for the first time. The angled applicator helps precision when placing your wing/flick, gets into the inner corner perfectly.

 Without Flash
With Flash

It's one of the blackest, the formula is great, staying power is 10/10, easy to remove with makeup remover.

when you twist for the product to come out you have to apply it at the back of your hand first because there's a clump at the end of the applicator which is the only downside.

Kiko Cosmetics - Lasting Gel Eye Liner

So the packaging says it's a gel but it actually looks more like a thick ink, it has more of a jelly-like consistency, it is SO SO black! You will need a fine point brush to apply this. Kiko is a great affordable brand so you wouldn't be splurging out on this.

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With Flash

You can see how black and matte this product is, the formula is great. If you're someone who has trouble with your top liners melting and transferring on to your crease this is the one for you, great for summer, vacation - waterproof so you can have the perfect liner stay put all day.

To some people it will be a pro but this liner is VERY tough to remove, it's almost like a tattoo. You will need more than a makeup wipe to remove this stuff! Don't bother rubbing it. If you love your liners to stay put try this but we suggest you use an oil based makeup remover to remove this bad boy. More for a special occasion.

Elizabeth Helen Fluid Eyeliner

We ALWAYS stock up on this product when we visit the Middle East, the perfect liquid liner. SUPER BLACK Arabic eyeliner which is only available in the Middle East (We haven't searched online so maybe it is available outside the Middle East) Love the formula for everyday eyeliner. It dries matte, good size tube, has a screw on cap that is comfortable to hold when applying on yourself.

The applicator is a fine brush, easy to glide the very black fluid and to make a cat-eye wing.

Without Flash

With Flash

It's a liquid so it will take a while to dry. Gorgeous rich black colour, looks good in flash photography too!

CONS: The only thing we wish we good change about this product is how it transfers after around 5 hours if you have sweaty eye lids! some people will be okay but if you want to use this without an eyeshadow be sure to use an eye primer and dust some pressed powder on your eye lids before applying this.

We hope you found this post about the BLACKEST EYELINERS out there useful!

Fyza and Sonia xoxo

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