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Brows are a major staple of a Middle Eastern woman’s beauty regimen and now that thick brows are vital in the fashion world too – picture the perfectly sculpted brows of Cara Delevinge and Diala Makki – we can use our time-honoured tips and tricks to initiate those less experienced into effortlessly creating a thick brow that’s clean and fabulous.

Eyebrow pencils are great go-tos for changing your brow shape, amplifying thin brows. Try Estée Lauder’s Brow Now Brow Defining Pencil to give your brows more definition. To really work a strong brow, try Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, angled filler. It’s easier for beginners because the ‘calligraphy’ end of the pencil allows you to have more control, plus the shade choices are great. The brow comb allows you to brush the hair into place as you fill, keeping the shape natural.

The aim is to keep the brows looking tidy but strong, and to frame the eyes with a full arch. Smashbox’s Brow Tech Gloss Stick is perfect for over-plucked brows. The pencil has a delicate retractable point to create the illusion of natural hair strokes. Make sure your product’s colour has a cool tone, to mimic natural hair.

Those who already have bold brows can opt for an eyebrow gel, which is used to simply set the brow shape, add a hint of colour, and manage unruly hairs one swipe at a time. This is an effortless process with Bobbi Brown’s new Long-Wear brow gel paired with the their two-in one brush tool. With a huge color palette, it’s even easier to find that perfect match for natural looking brows. Estee Lauder’s Brow Volumizing brow tint and Stay in Place brow gel are the perfect duo to bold brows all day long.

If you lack the steady hand necessary for sculpting an ultra-precise shape, select a powder formula instead to gradually build up colour and volume. Tom Ford’s Brow Sculpting Kit features two blendable shades to create a personalised, natural-looking hue. Finish with a colourless wax which sets the brow shape and gives a polished look. If you're lacking time but still want a glamorous look, the new More Than Brow from The Estee Edit, which helps you get dramatic brows, a smoky eye or a soft shading on the lids all the in the same pencil!

Top Tip While in town, why not pop into Selfridge’s (London) and visit Bobbi Brown’s exclusive Brow How and enjoy expert tips through a one-to-one Makeup Lesson to help you create, enhance or change your brow shape using a multitude of products. Lessons can be booked for RRP £17 redeemable against products on the day of the lesson
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