My Lash Growth

This post has been in my drafts for so long because I never got the chance to complete it. I don't know if many of you noticed but during August last year I decided to stop wearing false strip lashes. It was way too time consuming when it came to getting ready and I could never find the perfect ones for my eye length.

Naturally my lashes are very fine and I've always had trouble finding the right mascara that would both thicken and add length. I tried rapid lash growth serum and that helped to an extent. I later decided to do some research on some natural ways I could help my lashes grow.

I made a mixture of caster oil and avocado oil, I mixed the two together in a small Muji container. Every evening I would apply the mixture on to my lash line with a small eye liner brush, now I didn't notice a difference instantly it took a while for me to notice, In fact it was other people that would start asking what lashes I'm wearing. You don't usually notice a change when it comes to things like this because you see your own face daily so when someone else notices you know it's working!

5 months later I started using a lash primer by Urban Decay, One coat with Baby Doll Yves Saint Laurent mascara and my lashes looked insane (by the way, I applied the oils on top and bottom lashes.) using a lash curler first helped keep the curl up.

I'm pretty sure this will work for a lot of people which is why I wanted to put it to the test before writing about it. I don't wear any falsies anymore, I sometimes get individual lash extensions in between if I have an event just to give my eyes more drama.

It's worth a try guys, it's safer than the lash growth serums on the market because you know what the ingredients are if you're making your own! It will leave your lashes soft and add thickness.

If you try this please tag us on Instagram and let us know @soniaxfyza

Love, Sonia x

*please note results may vary depending on individual, refer to your GP if you have a reaction.

Deeper Skin tones - Our fave picks!

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I love deeper skin tones! I work with so many types of women and a lot of the time I don't get to take photographs of my work on women with deeper skin tones. There's a few photos on my Instagram but not a lot. I would love to work more with women of colour for photoshoots especially because it's actually one of my strong points. I know the best products out there for you gorgeous medium to dark skin ladies!

I noticed that there was never anything on the market for ethnic skin growing up, when I would go to drugstores the foundation and colour options were very limited. It went from very fair to tan and even the tan seemed off in tone. Luckily now in 2016 we have a lot more brands that cater for ethnic women.

One of the brands that has stood out to me for a long time is a British brand that goes by the name of Sleek Cosmetics, It started off small so only certain people would hear about it. Growing up around beauty and makeup I did hear about it early and saw the brand evolve. I am so in love with this brand because it is MADE for ethnic women. From the rich tones of their shadows the the pigments of their loose shadows!

We heard they are releasing a cream contour kit and we are so excited to tell you all about it. Whether you are a deep skin tone person reading this or a makeup artist you have to check them out. It was quite difficult for me to find a contour powder that was darker than someone that's a nc45/50 (MAC shade)

Sleek Cream Contour in Light

Sleek Makeup is a British Brand as well as Barry M, both have catered so much for ethnic skin tones the past few years and I feel like they haven't had enough recognition considering how great quality their products are and for such a reasonable price, you don't have to break the bank to get a contour palette.

Sleek cream contour kit in Medium

Always remember that contours are meant to be COOL tones, I've explained this in a few blog posts, they mimic the natural shadows of the face. So many Instagram brands that release their contour kits are always too warm and the formulas are drying and hard to blend (trust me i've tried them all and I am very honest with my reviews) I will not hype a brand because it has a huge following and everyone is promoting it, it could be a small brand that Sephora doesn't stock. I'm more about quality over what is over hyped.

Sleek cream contour kit in Dark.

Creamy consistency, easy to blend with a brush or beauty blender, best results over foundation. no need to mix anything with it to help it blend. The colour range goes from fair to dark and comes with a highlight colour. 

Powder contour by Barry M Cosmetics

When I swatched the Dark palette I was in awe! The pigmentation to the tones! insane quality and for the price you are paying. The powders are like butter and blend really well without having to go over and over with a brush to perfect your sculpting.

I really hope these brands are available worldwide, You guys have to try these out to know what i'm talking about. I'm glad that there's brands like this that think about women of colour. We can all be chiseled to perfection with these. Whether your'e a cream or powder girl you can try both because they're super affordable. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and try my recommendation! 


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