What's worse than looking like you could fry an egg on your face after 4 hours of applying your makeup? I say nothing! I always see posts and products for people who suffer from dry skin but barely come across anything for oily skin. My sister Sonia suffers from terrible oily skin which is why I have gone through a lot of products to get the perfect looking base.

There's a difference from "Dewy" and "Greasy" we all want the JLO glow but how can we achieve that without looking like a hot mess?! keep reading ;)
I find that greasy skin makes the face appear larger, if you have an oily forehead it looks bigger, same with a shiny nose and chin. You don't want to pack on the powder because it will start to look cakey and oxidise which is awful for your pores - poor pores.

A great skin regime is the first step to fighting oily skin so go over to my post about skin prep if you want to know more about that. Using a good moisturiser (remember every skin needs moisture no matter what skin type you are) is key!

BEST moisturiser for oily skin

Origins - Zero Oil Moisturiser 

This moisturiser is light weight - I'm sure we all hate the feeling of a heavy moisturiser. This sinks into the skin beautifully, one of the key ingredients is mint which has so many benefits for the skin. It hydrates, controls oiliness as it contains vitamin A, Soothes, Rejuvenates and refreshes the skin making it bright and soft. It contains Salicylic Acid which stimulates exfoliation at skins surface helping to minimise and unclog pores.

What's the best foundation for oily skin?
probably the question millions of the people working at make-up counters get daily! From doing my own research and buying the products myself I have a few good choices that I think are great for oily skin.

Full to sheer coverage

Estee Lauder Double Wear

If you want full coverage this is a great choice. So many of us love this foundation, the finish is lovely, great consistency, doesn't transfer.

Clarins Ever Matte Foundation

This foundation is COMPLETELY MATTE! If you love a matte finish then this is the one for you. You have to be careful when you match this one though as it dries a different tone from when it is first applied. Full coverage, givers a powder matte finish.

Lancome - Teint Idole Ultra 24H

Gorgeous liquid foundation that has a nice consistency, completely matte coverage without the powdery look, long lasting, velvet feeling and a shine-free finish!

L'oreal - Magic Nude Liquid Powder

Yes, it's a drugstore foundation! L'oreal is one of my fave beauty brands! So the Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation is more of a medium coverage, dries matte, transforms from a liquid to powder, looks like skin, great for no makeup makeup look but only if you have decent skin to begin with. If you have blemishes i suggest you conceal them first before applying this. Best used with fingers as a brush or sponge would absorb too much product and it would be a waste. very "every day" foundation. This product is very watery! reminds me so much of Giorgio Armani maestro...*FUN FACT L'oreal and Giorgio Armani makeup are made in the same factory!

Remember to apply your foundation to well moisturised skin.


Walking through Selfridges (as you do..) I see something from the corner of my eye at the YSL counter... what is this pink thing? the packaging is divine! I dip my finger into the tester and I am instantly amazed at this product as I am applying it at the back of my hand. It's a balm? It can't be a primer...could it be? So i ask the kind lady working there to explain what this is, I needed to know! Apparently you apply this OVER your foundation!? first thing that popped into my head was.. cakey!? but she had already answered my thoughts. It's an invisible foundation, you use it during the day for touch ups when you are oily. I wanted to try this so she scraped some out and put some at the back of my hand, I started to apply it on my super oily chin, WOW! was my first thought, it was so light weight, no sign of cakeyness and it made it look like I had fresh foundation applied. It's great for minimising the look of large pores, comes in the cutest packaging! I had to let you all know about this. It is around £30 which isn't what i had expected it to be. (thought it would be more pricey!) BEST thing for oily skin that I have tried so far.


Our fave blotting sheets! They don't budge your makeup at all and keep you looking pretty and matte during the day. Apparently a beauty secret kept by Japanese Geishas for centuries. Gold-infused papers remove excess oil and sweat without disturbing makeup or stealing moisture from the skin.

We hope this post helps you control your oily skin!

Fyza & Sonia xoxo
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