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Growing up with acne was probably the most difficult things I had to deal with. It had nothing to do with my diet. I had a horrible habit of touching my skin and popping pimples! Your hands carry so much bacteria that the acne starts to spread.

I have tried so much products for my skin but never wanted to take the route of pills because i'm honestly scared of the side affects I have seen from my friends. Step one was to quit drinking any type of fizzy drinks, especially Coke! Water only and then to stop touching my skin. I noticed that every time I went to London I would get the worst breakouts on my cheeks, cystic acne! the water in London is so harsh compared to here in the UAE. My skin would always calm down when I came back to the Middle East and my makeup would apply so much smoother.

I'm going to list what helped clear my scars and acne. I'm really into all natural products, I try my best to use naturally made remedies now and then.

First and foremost you should ALWAYS remove your makeup no matter how tired you are! Not only with a makeup removing wipe but actually wash your face with a cleanser. I started doing this and i would dry my face with a paper towel rather than a face towel.

I remove my makeup with Ritual essentials wow by wojooh makeup remover using a cotton pad to remove all traces.

I then use Dermologica facial wash followed by Lush Cosmetics angels on bare skin to gently exfoliate my face. This is a dry product that you make into a paste and make it the consistency you prefer. This really helped with fading existing scars.

After this step I press a paper towel gently on my face to dry it. For two days a week I would use the Glam Glow clearing mud treatment. focusing on my pores and pimples. I would wash this off and dry my face.

Rose water is your best friend!!!!! I poured rose water into a spray bottle and sprayed it onto a cotton pad and applied it all over my face.

That is basically my night routine and I can honestly say I saw results within 4 days. I knew about Glam Glow for a long time but only properly started using it when I found out how it is made and what the key benefits were. It's a treatment with allows you to use it as many times as you wish per week.

For moisturizers I go between two. One for day time before makeup is Charlotte tilbury magic cream. For night time I use Origins Zero oil moisturizers. I love the minty cool feeling of this. I have combination skin.


I love quick pre makeup treatments. I use GlamGlow flash mud brightening treatment before applying makeup. I use it around chin and cheeks to brighten the area.

Photos of all products below.

Makeup Remover


Treatment Mask

I use this every day, helps with Middle East heat too 

Pure Rose water and cotton pads


Spot and blackhead cream

via snapchat/ brightening mask GlamGlow

Facial Wash

Brightening mask

Yes this is my full skin routine, Always take time out for your skin. I'm not a dermatologist but I know what works for me. I believe you can see results if you're religiously doing a skin care routine. I noticed a huge change from no touching my face and going on a detox of no drinks except water!

I hope this helped you, for more skin care updates and makeup routine videos follow our shared snap chat - SoniaFyza

Love, Fyza
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