Hello lovely people reading this, hope you are well.  This post is all about ACNE! If you have been a long time follower you will know about my acne journey, if not read on! 

I have suffered from adult acne since I was 21 years old but it got worse as I got older. I got it on my back and chest and it would make me so uncomfortable to wear certain clothes. I was later told that I have cystic acne across my jaw, you couldn't see it but I could feel it and see it under certain lighting.

This made me very insecure as someone in the beauty industry, I had tried a lot of things to clear my acne. nobody bothered to prescribe me to accutane. I kept getting offered facials. Now this is why I decided to do this post. I want to educate all you guys about why I think facials are a waste of money and time if you have acne.

I would get a facial every two weeks, the first week my skin was phenomenal but later I noticed it would go back to square one. I decided to see another dermatologist and she was shocked at how long i had suffered without this medication. She got me to do a blood test and immediately after, she prescribed be to 40mg actuate for a total of 8 months.

It wasn't easy at all! I had to change my diet, I had to drink more water...I didn't like drinking water but working out helped me drink 3 litres a day. My lips swelled up a lot, my whole body was dry so I had to lotion twice a day, my nose looked smaller after 5 months (yesss!). I kept taking breaks because of how easily I would get burnt and I couldn't even wax or continue my laser hair removal.

I decided to stop taking it after six months and instead got into a regular skin care routine. I advise all acne sufferers to avoid facials, they pick and prod your skin making it worse later, there's no way the oil in your skin is even controlled. Facials are great if you want a glow complexion for an occasion, or a hydrating one anything other than that I am totally against and wished i didn't bother in the first place.

Tips on how to clear your skin:

1) Drink plenty of water!

2) Hydrate your skin by using sheet masks every few days! (This is something a lot of women in the Far East do which is why they have amazing skin) remember even oily skin needs hydrating.

3) Use an oil controlling facial wash 

4) Exfoliate your skin every week with natural products (it's gentle).

5) Use blemish and pore tightening serums

6) Use an oil-free moisturiser

7) Use a clay mask every two weeks to take all the oil out of your skin.

8) Change your pillow case regularly.

All these steps helped me clear my skin without carrying on the use of accutane. There's so many side effects to this medication and I even had to sign a risk form (yep!) 
Please remember this medication is prescription only, consult your doctor before trying any medication and do not try this if you are pregnant or trying.

I never let anyone tell me that having bad skin is okay because everyone should have good skin, there's so many remedies for this! I hope this helps some of you beauties out there, Good skin is healthy so please try and clear your skin because it will make such a difference to your confidence.

Love always, 
Fyza xo
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  1. Would you recommend Accutane for acne prone skin? Was it worth it? I'm on month 2 and I'm loving it so far except for the excessive dryness x

  2. I’ve literally tried everything you can think of also! All the way from natural cleansers/lotions, retinol, facials, oil washes, emuaid, tea tree oil, essential oil combinations, to the most recent: a medication called spirolactone (which is making my skin even worse). You name it, I’ve tried it! Facials definitely do not help when it comes to cystic acne. Accutane is my last resort at this point and from watching yours and others’ journeys I see the pros and cons and I’m willing to take the risks. I’m 32 now and for the last 4 years or so my skin has progressively gotten worse. I have severe cystic acne now covering both cheeks, my chin and under/along my jaw line. I don’t even like taking pictures anymore. This has severely damaged my confidence and the worst part is, it’s so painful and unpredictable! For anyone going thru this, my best advice would have to be that everyone is different and trial and error is the only way to find what works for you. I’ll try to check back with an update on my accutane journey for those interested.

    1. Try murad clarifying pills. You will find them at Sephora . That helped me a lot to clear my breakouts. Drink a lot of water when you’re on them

  3. Thanks , I don't have acne but my skin isn't perfect I have imperfection and somedays it affect me badly so I will try to use ur advices and let u know if it's work love u -XOXO

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