Dry skin tips and TOP 5 foundations for dry skin

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Weather's getting colder and skin is getting drier. I find there's hardly ever any posts for dry skin people. I've worked with all skin types so it's come to a point where I know what foundation works best for what skin type. Dry skin is usually more difficult than oily, believe it or not.

I find there's so much on the market for oily and combination skin but dry skin barely gets  any attention. I get a lot of messages from girls that have dry skin and many emails from women who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. Eczema and psoriasis are both dry skin conditions. It isn't contagious because it's most likely genetic. A lot of foundations will look great when first applied on dry skin but after a few hours you will notice it can separate and cling on the dry patches that weren't even visible at first.

I like to prep a client that has any of those skin conditions well. The skin is always dehydrated and thirsty so it needs A LOT of moisture. I've talked about Ultra Bland by Lush Cosmetics before, It is a facial cleanser that contains almond oil, rose water, bees wax and honey. These ingredients work great for dry skin. When applying this it's best to use a decent amount and gently rub in the the skin not blending it in as well as you would a moisturiser. Leave it on the skin for approximately 8 minutes. You won't look crazy or funny whilst you wait because it's colourless once applied. You then run a few cotton facial pads under lukewarm water and gently remove the cleanser, tap dry with a face towel and you will be left with supple, baby soft skin. You then can start applying your regular skin care.

People that have dry skin like the glow, youthful foundation finish so I will tell you my favourite primers/bases and foundations to achieve this look. Applying a primer ill help your makeup last longer.

These products are in no order


1. Makeup Forever hydrating primer. Lovely consistency, blends to nothing and is light weight. You will notice after you have applied your foundation that this primer is great.

2. Smashbox Photo Finish hydrating primer. Lovely scent, very fresh. It is a blue colour but goes on clear. Feels refreshing and instantly perks up dry looking skin.

3. Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow primer. Gorg golden primer, not only is it great for a gorgeous dewy glow it gives a soft focus effect to the skin. Blurs out fine lines and reduces the look of pores leaving you with a Jlo-glow.

4. Bourjois Happy light luminous primer. The description is in the title! Light and luminous :) leaves you with a nice complexion and will look pretty when it shows through your foundation.

5. Lorac "I'm so sensitive" Primer. Free from oil, fragrance, silicone and parabens, this primer is perfect for sensitive dry skin. It is water based and hydrating. Helps your makeup to stay put for a while! It has ingredients that are beneficial to your skin too.


I like to mix my products up. High end products don't necessarily mean they are better. You will find that sometimes drugstore makeup works just as good or sometimes better. It's all about personal preference and what your skin works well with.

Growing up I had super dry skin but as I hit 20's it got oily in my t-zone so I am now left with combination, unlike my sister Sonia who is just oily. I know a lot about dry skin, not only from my own experience but from clients too.

1. Dior Skin Nude. I always rave about this one but it has such a pretty finish and still looks and feels like skin.

2. Benefit Cosmetics Hello flawless foundation. Love the colour range, blends well and looks best when blended with a beauty blender.

3. Hourglass Veil foundation. Hydrating, evens skin out, smoothes fine lines and is perfect for every day wear.

4. Mac Face and Body. CLASSIC fave. I think it should be in every dry skin persons makeup bag! The coverage isn't full but it works well when you add this do any other foundation you are using (If you want more coverage). Better for day time, undertones are great, finish is like second skin and it is so light weight.

5. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I think this brand is growing on me! It is a gel-like foundation and I know they are the best for dry skin. Makes skin look radiant and it contains vitamin-rich formula - FRUIT! litchi, goji berries and pomegranates. Long lasting and evens skin out as well as brightening.

These are my personal favourite's that I have used on so many of my clients and they have always been happy with their base. If you have dry skin be sure to try any of the recommendations and I can promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Glow on and try them!

Fyza xoxo
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