Tom Ford Exclusive Scent Dinner In Dubai

I did not expect this heat in October! That's the first thing I thought as I walked out of Dubai airport in my thick jacket and comfy joggers. I had just flown from London to Dubai for an exclusive event with Tom Ford. I was invited by Estee Lauder for a scent dinner with Tom Ford. What's a scent dinner? I've never attended one before so this should be interesting.

"Scent Dinners are the combination of fine dining with a stimulating interactive master class in scent & perfume, two parallel dinners, one olfactory and invisible, the other gustatory and edible."

Prior to the evening event I was invited to have a private makeup session with Matthew Tyler who is the International Education Director for Tom ford Beauty. I got to try the new products that had launched in the Middle East, I got to ask questions about each product as he told me what suited my skin tone best. It was such a great experience.

I know that many of you are huge fans of Tom ford products, espcially his scents. They are rich, long lasting and unique. Hearing how much thought that goes into a scent was very facinating for me. I love how we all have been thought about in so much detail when this scent was created. If you love Tom Ford scents as much as I do you will really enjoy this post. I want to make you experience it as much as possible through me!

The scent dinner was held at the Burj Khalifa and I was with around 10 other beauty bloggers from around the Middle East. I tried to take down as much information as possible so I could share it with you all. 

This was our menu. This dinner was for the new fragrance launch of Tom ford's Noir Pour Femme in the Middle East. Each course represented an element of the fragrance, so each course we were handed a stick with a scent which made up of the final scent. we weren't allowed to try the actual scent till the end of the meal. This is what our minds/imaginations were for. We had to guess what the final scent would be like based on the scent broken down.

There was Opulent, Addictive and Provocative. The three sides to a woman? maybe.

The first meal was Heirloom Tomato 'Tarte Fine' and it contained Basil, wasabi mustard, burrata and orange sense. From looking at the menu I instantly knew this scent has a fruity side to it which is definitely a favourite of mine. Once the dish was placed in front of us all we could smell the richness of this pizza looking first course. It tasted like the first scent we were given. it was so strange but amazing at the same time. 


The flavours together worked beautifully and the feeling of tasting a perfume you could smell is so hard to put in to words.

We were given a Ginger Sorbet with Orange zest to cleanse our palate for the main corse

"This represents the top note, citrus based, the opulent. citruses including mandarin orange oil, bitter orange oil and ginger. This represents more of the confident side because its open, airy. We like to call this opulent" 
- First Note Scent Description

The main course was Brittany Lobster 'Open Lasagne' which was Kulfi royal cardamom-saffron sense and pistachio crust. 
with this dish I didn't really know what to expect. We were told that the base was a Kulfi cream, the middle was a pasta with lobster and a pistachio topping. Matthew explained what kulfi is and where it came from. The history to it was that it originates from India and it was a dessert that was made for the royals at the time. It was meant to be a cold dessert, much like ice cream. Ice would be collected from the Himalayan mountains and then this milk like texture was mixed in and topped with rose petals and pistachio. It was a dessert fit for a king! I thought this was really great to share as I love history of all countries.

This was the second note. 'Addictive'

"Sensual heart of florals, orange flower, Jasmine and rose absolute. this is where the sensual femininity comes."
- Second note scent description 

This scent was my fave and at this point I couldn't wait to try the actual perfume!

The final note was Provocative - the dessert.

This was Dame Blanche 'Profiteroles' - Pear Cremeux, vanilla ice cream and 72% chocolate. there was chocolate sauce on the side to pour over. 

"These are the base notes and what we smell are vanilla, amber and Australian sandalwood."

I wish you could smell the scent that I was smelling through the screen! It's so hard to put into words but i'm trying my best, haha!

We were finally given the Noir Pour Femme to try! This is probably my all time favourite by Tom Ford. I wasn't expecting this. It's made for every woman. It reminded me a lot of Bukhoor - بخور 

Which is wood chips that have been soaked in perfume oils and are burnt to create a beautiful scent around the house - mainly used in Middle Eastern households. The scent is usually rich and long lasting so this is what the new fragrance reminded me of. It is powdery, floral, fresh, zesty and rich all at the same time and we all agreed on this.


This was my first scent dinner and I learnt so much, I loved the atmosphere and I'm glad that this scent is finally launching in the Middle East. Thank you so much to Estee Lauder and Tom Ford for having me and thank you Matthew Tyler for your time. It's always great to learn more, whether it's makeup or fragrance related. Thank you for the all the makeup too, super excited to add more Tom Ford to my kit and makeup bag! 

Fyza Ali xxx

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