Making your Beauty Blender last longer!

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A quick post to share something I have been doing for a while, Actually It's something we both have been doing. I'm sure we all use Beauty Blenders by now...

Beauty Blender's make us always think 'what was I doing with my life before I discovered a beauty blender?' Beauty Blenders are what create your perfect, long lasting base. The problem with these little pink sponges is how long they last. You will notice after around five months of using your beauty blender it won't 'work' the way it did when it was fresh and new looking. They say to ONLY use the BB soap but it runs out so quick! 

I found my self washing my Beauty Blender with hotel soaps every time I had a booking in a hotel and I needed to go from client to client in a day. Since then neither of us have stopped using hotel soaps, It will make your beauty blender look like its brand new! Works just as good as the beauty blender cleanser except you're not paying for it, it's complimentary from the hotel ;)

Your Beauty Blender will feel and look like it's never been used. Avoid using shampoos, washing liquid and hand gel to clean them because it will ruin your Beauty Blender and they're not exactly cheap. We're talking about the real deal, Original Beauty Blender here btw. 

Beauty Blenders come in the classic pink, white and black. We suggest you use the white for things such as skin care - serums, moisturisers and primers. The black for your cream bronzers and contour and the pink for your foundation :)

We hope you enjoyed this quick post. who doesn't love tips on how to save your money!?

Happy blending,

Sonia & Fyza xoxo
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